Every month, people in your town are working together to make Solano County a cleaner and greener place for everyone to live, work, and play. Their community spirit, pride, and hard work is making a difference. This Earth Day, join us in celebration of these volunteers and everything they do.

City of vallejo

The City of Vallejo organizes weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleanups with the help of local residents, organizations, and its Public Works Grounds Team.

Several organizations are working to keep Vallejo trash free, and they partner with the city to arrange for collected trash pickups as well as rent a tool truck when there are a lot of debris to collect and haul.

Individuals like you can volunteer at "Give Litter the Boot!" events from 9am-12pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month. These regular events are a part of the city’s commitment to keep Solano County clean and green. 🚮

For more information, please sign up on Vallejo’s website and visit the Community Calendar to get more details on “Give Litter the Boot” and other cleanup events.

north bay ploggers

North Bay Ploggers is a social group dedicated to keeping the environment they live and run in clean and healthy.

Their interest in healthy watersheds intersects with their drive to maintain physical and mental wellbeing. Ploggers consider cleanups as a form of exercise; and they’re right: walking, bending, and lifting all work muscles and build endurance.

The group's goals are to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our environment, mentor young people in environmental stewardship, and offer hope to areas that are plagued with trash and illegal dumping. 🚯

All are welcome for the group's monthly cleanups. For updates, follow North Bay Ploggers on Instagram and Facebook at @northbayploggers or look for them on Vallejo NextDoor.


City of Vallejo Public Works Department and local volunteers collected over 2.4 million pounds of litter and illegally dumped debris in 2020. That's equivalent to the weight of two-and-a-half Boeing 747 airplanes. ✈️

Vallejo Watershed Alliance

The Vallejo Watershed Alliance (VWA) is a partnership of public agencies and interested individuals working together to improve the greater Vallejo watershed.

They have contributed their time and effort to maintaining healthy water ecosystems for people and the environment for more than 15 years.

Because trash removal is critical to clean water and safe parks, the VWA hosts monthly cleanups, in addition to habitat restoration projects, outreach, and education activities. In the last year, VWA events removed 4,793 gallons of trash from Vallejo’s local waterways.

Join one of their monthly activities or participate in a DIY Cleanup. For more information about upcoming DIY clean-up dates visit their website and sign up for their mailing list, or contact info@VallejoWatershedAlliance.org.

Tully consulting group

Tully Consulting Group's mission is to help construction and industrial sites manage their stormwater and water quality throughout their work, keeping the streams and waterways clean downstream.

This impacts everything, from the stream ecosystems their clients work on to the humans who drink and swim in the water.

Every day, Tully Consulting Group conducts field research and maintenance to ensure their clients are keeping up with regulations to keep our environment safe and healthy. The team at Tully strives to do their part by participating in multiple clean-up events throughout the year.

Follow them on social media @TullyGroup. Their #drainranger program for kids is a great way to involve the whole family in protecting our local watersheds at home.

Matt Garcia Foundation

The Matt Garcia Foundation is committed to supporting youth, stopping crime, and strengthening their community, working directly with youth to create safe spaces for them to give back and connect.

By helping keep the community clean, the Matt Garcia Foundation supports broad scale benefits and allows all voices to be heard. The organization invests in the community and the people who live there. This year, they collected more than 450 pounds of trash during their clean-up events.

You can be part of these efforts: cleanups are held monthly on the last Saturday of each month, starting in downtown Fairfield at 9am. More information is available from info@ffinest.org or through social media @mattgarciafoundation.

kampaign for change

Kampaign for Change invests in youth by creating opportunities to get involved in their community and build love and respect for their city.

They are making ripples with a community first attitude. They know that in order to spark real change we need to invest within the community and deepen communal bonds.

Clean-up events are a major element of how we demonstrate our care for each other and the environment. By removing debris and trash, we can create more inviting common areas and keep our waterways free of litter and debris.

Kampaign for Change has collected 287 Bags of Trash to-date. You can help collect more by connecting with them through their Facebook page and on Instagram @thereal_kampaign.

Benicia Litter pickers

Benicia Litter Pickers believes groups and individuals can work together to keep the earth and ocean clean.

The group uses community involvement to foster a love for the environment and clean spaces and work to positively influence people to pick up after themselves.

Since October 2019, the more than 300 members of the Benicia Litter Pickers want to make a difference in Benicia, and hope that their group can be a model for all cities.

The organization has collected approximately 2500 pounds of trash. This year you can join their Earth Day clean-up event by signing up here.

Learn more by contacting benicialitterpickers@gmail.com, visiting their website, or finding them on social media.


In 2020, Benicia Litter Pickers hosted a campaign to recycle election signs by painting over them with public art that promoted solutions for a litter-free city. 🎨

Is there an individual or organization in your community making a difference through trash cleanups? Let us know! Email education@solanorcd.org to nominate a cleanup group to this page.