Cleanup Waivers

Print and Fill In Your Waiver Ahead of Time and Bring It With You

Updated Waivers Coming for 2023

Guidance for Filling in Waivers from the Coastal Commission:

  1. For adults – complete and sign the “adult” version of the full waiver.

  2. For minors – have the supervising adult sign their waiver first (so that we know that we have captured their information), and then have them complete the "Minor" side of the waiver for each minor that they will be supervising. The adult does not need to also sign the backside of the minor waiver. Each minor needs their own waiver, so unfortunately, you cannot sign in multiple minors, even if siblings, on the same waiver. Each minor needs to be signed in on a separate Minor Waiver page.

English • Inglés • Minor Waiver and Full Waiver on Reverse Side

Spanish • Español • Minor Waiver and Full Waiver on Reverse Side

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